Our Mission

AMOREVINO elevates the appreciation of wine by empowering wine professionals with the tools to digitally craft and share compelling narratives.

About Us

AMOREVINO is on a mission to deepen consumers' appreciation for wine by empowering wine professionals with an innovative data platform. We firmly believe that technology and data, seamlessly integrated into everyday life through an intuitive and automated interface, are the keys to revealing the passion, dedication, and vision behind every bottle of wine to consumers.

Our platform serves as a network where portfolio curators, content creators, service providers, and winemakers converge to create, share, and enrich data, crafting powerful narratives that resonate with consumers at every touchpoint of their wine journey.

From our eight years of experience in the wine industry, we know this is a critical moment where connectivity of industry participants through technology is not only inevitable but also also essential. Challenges such as declining average consumption, encroachment of industrial enterprises on artisanal family vineyards, and less product diversity in global supply chains pose significant threats to a product category cherished by many. However, amidst these challenges there are opportunities. Macro trends in consumer behavior signal a growing demands for luxury beverages, authenticity, and conscious consumption, creating fertile ground for innovation. Furthermore, the opportunity for technological adoption, especially among newer generations of market participants, presents a pathway to elevate the industry and build a stronger willingness to invest in quality products among consumers.

AMOREVINO leads the charge in transforming the wine industry. Our open platform sets data standards, fosters industry-wide connections, and leverages a global network of stakeholders and data. Human experience remains our core focus throughout this digital evolution. AMOREVINO itself has undergone this transformation, making us uniquely equipped to guide you into the future.

Our journey began in 2016, when AMOREVINO was founded in Munich, Germany, by Tilman and Tommy, passionate wine aficionados with backgrounds in digital marketing and logistics. What started as a wine discovery subscription service soon rose into one of Germany's most sought-after wine subscriptions. Over the years, we've delivered over 4,500 subscriptions to households, shipped more than 24,000 parcels, and managed over 66,000 wine bottles sourced from over 260 winemakers worldwide. This journey enabled us to build strong relationships with wine professionals and share their captivating stories with our customers. It also revealed inefficiencies and redundancies within the supply chain, inspiring us to create tools for a more streamlined and effective network for all wine industry players.

Today, AMOREVINO has evolved into a platform, that embodies over eight years of industry experience, proven technology, and methodologies, all while staying true to our core mission. We empower collectors, retailers, aficionados, winemakers, sommeliers, and content creators to create impactful narratives based on a network of data. With AMOREVINO handling the technology, our customers can focus on crafting passionate experiences and elevating the wine category.

If you would like to use our platform to leverage your product data, forge valuable relationships with consumers and professionals, please reach out and join us on this exciting journey.

  • Tilman Theile

    Tilman is responsible for sales and ensures the success of our customers. Previously, Tilman worked as a management consultant for procurement and supported numerous medium-sized businesses optimize cost management.

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  • Tommy Curran

    Tommy is responsible for product development at AMOREVINO. With experience as a marketing manager and an independent consultant for digital sales strategies, Tommy has facilitated various digital transformations.

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